We provide attorneys, companies and their employees with simple-to-use

J Trainee visa solutions.

We provide fast, simple and easy to use solution for key hires or employees that need to start working in the U.S.


The visa can be obtained in a 30 day-typical


10 day-expedited period.

Easy to meet criteria

A post secondary degree (certificate course, diploma, bachelors or college degree) 

1 year experience


5 years of experience

in the field- the one the employee will work in, when in the U.S.

Undergoing upper case

Enables on-the-job tools to cope with everyday cultural difficulties and barriers, as part of the visa requirements

All fees are paid only AFTER your employee had entered the U.S.!



Our services

We know that you are busy. Let us take you through the process. 
​Start to Finish.

Quickly determine whether an employee (Trainee) and employer (Host Company) qualify for a J-1 visa program.  (Trainee, Short Term Scholar, Specialist etc.)

Design a custom, qualifying 1 to 18 month J-1 occupational training plan.  (J-1 Trainee)

Submit the training plan (DS-7002) to a pre-screened J Visa sponsor.

Supply qualifying insurance (health, repatriation of remains and medical evacuation insurance), if necessary. 

Ensure delivery of J visa (DS-2019) to Trainee (J-1) and dependents (J-2), as needed.

Schedule embassy and consulate appointments.

Provide optional “Airport Pick Up and Meet and Greet Services.”

Provide secure access to our learning management system, which drives on-going training. 

Supply Trainee a personal trainer for first three (3) months.  Additional months, if requested.

Deliver on-going reporting on training performance and Trainee satisfaction.

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