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J-1 Visa Training Plan

We custom-craft training plans for each Host Company's Trainee. Our training is designed to fit their occupation, industry, experience level, role and interests.  

We use the latest American technology, educational theory, and methodologies to deliver fun, convenient, practical, work-based training.  Companies provide an on-site supervisor and we deliver the on-the-job training remotely.

Our training is delivered by our on-line learning management system (LMS). We use the Host Company's work-environment as a back drop, reference point and subject matter for our training.  Trainees are initially mentored, guided and taught by experienced international instructors that we refer to as Personal Trainers.

Our Personal Trainers report to the company's on-site supervisor, who can access a trainee's curriculum and track a trainee's progress in real-time, on-line from any location. 

Trainees access training materials (readings, lectures, power point presentations) on-line from their office and are guided through the completion of work-based training exercises.

Our training is custom tailored to a trainee's and their host company's interest and needs.  

We pull from the largest collection of J Training modules in the world.  

Trainees might:

Build their cultural competency skills by studying Geert Hofstede's ground breaking approach to identifying, analyzing and adapting personal behavior and business practices to diverse cultural global business settings. 

Or improve their managerial effectiveness through an introduction to Daniel Kahneman's Nobel Prize winning research on biases, judgment, and decision making - coined "Thinking Slow and Thinking Fast".  

Or improve their marketing savvy by surveying Dan Ariely's research and experiments in "Behavioral Economics" and applying their learning to strategic, marketing, operational, and policy decisions.

Or beef up their negotiation skills by completing a comprehensive course adapted from William Ury's Harvard Negotiation Project. 

All of our training is accessed through our robust learning management system.  We automatically deliver the first 3 months of training, and after that you decide whether to conduct the training in-house using our learning management system or continue to use our personal trainers to drive the training program (for an additional monthly fee).

We are the first to integrate leading American thought-leader's areas of expertise into work-based, job-site, remotely-delivered training programs consistent with 8 USC Sec 1101(a)(15)(j) and 22 CFR Sec. 62.22

Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning serves as an underlying learning paradigm for the delivery of our work-based training modules. Our work-based, on-the-job training is built on cycles of:

01. work-based experience and experimentation.


02. guided observations and reflections upon work experience. 


03. the introduction, conceptualization and development of individual learning.


04. on-the-job hypothesis building, testing and active experimentation.

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