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Visas within 30 days

Fast and Comprehensive


Full service

All J-1 Visa Filings + J-2 Visa Filings + Custom 18 Month Training Plan + Assignment of a Personal Trainer to Each Trainee + 3 Months Training + 18 Month Access to Our Learning Management System.


Visas provided within 30 days and valid for up to 18 months. Hand crafted, custom training plans for up to 18 months are designed by our educational team with Host Company and Trainee collaboration. Choose from 78 modules.  Assured on-going J visa compliance. Assignment of a personal trainer from day-one, who provides intensive training and mentoring for initial three months and access to our Learning Management System for 18 months. Turbo, Concierge Services and Additional Training may be integrated or added.  Training can be extended beyond 90 days.

Visas within 10 days

Fastest Visa Issuance Possible​

+ $2500


We immediately assign and make available a team of professionals 24x7 to get a Host Company's Trainees their J-1 visa stamps at a US Embassy or Consulate, as soon as humanly possible.

Airport Meet and Greet, Initial Housing, Transportation Solutions, Long-Term Housing Options, Community Introduction and Integration

+ $5000



Complete meet and greet services + 5 days of free housing. 

We pick Trainees up from the airport, arrange to provide them with automobiles (additional monthly lease charge) for the length of their training program (additional cost), deliver them to temporary housing, introduce them to long term housing options, supply them with mobile phone service, etc.  In addition, we assist with social security administration, state driver's license, bank account, mail, utility, cable, school district, internet set ups, and EAD cards for dependents. I-9 compliance duties and other Host Company on-boarding activities can also be completed.


If needed to meet J Visa requirements

Repatriation and Medical Evacuation Insurance: $75 Per Month

Supplemental Accident and Medical Insurance: $75 Per Month

Training services beyond 90 days

Companies choose whether to continue having J Pathway's personal trainer deliver training and mentoring or take the training in house utilizing our Learning Management System. Training beyond 3 months can be purchased at $600 per month.  

We guarantee to get your team to the top of the mountain.

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